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8th November 2002


Here am de nooze kiddies-The Deviants are among us once more, IN SPADES!

Dr Crow #5892134782 is one hell of an album, if you like that sort of thing, and as you are on this site and reading these words, we`ll take that as a given then shall we? Cool.

From the get-go i`m all over this record, as i`m sure any decent upright degenerate reprobate who`s old enuff to know better would be, am i right stranger? Of course i am.

I ain`t no great shakes at that there Big City writin` and stuff, i`ve jes` called `em as i`ve seen `em amigos, and i gotta tell ya, if a Sci-Fi gumshoe lookin` for lizard women on ghost town planetoids whilst enduring a terminal bender
which ain`t exactly bein` helped too much by the heat of dum-dum bullets whistling past his head is your idea of a good time, then you`re gonna have to look at this sucker real hard to find it comin` up wanting, an dat`s de trooth, so help me dog.


9th August 2001

Greetings kiddies, I hope all is cool in Pinksville.

Today I'm launching a new feature, being a kinda rogues' gallery of the cohorts I've ridden with in various gangs, cliques, and coteries in The Past.

The past, yeah, it`s on my mind a lot lately, on account of a couple of things have cropped-up which have brought T.P rocketing back into what's doing a passing-fair imitation of my mind, to whit:

Mickey Farren has a book coming out, in September/October I think, called `Give the anarchist a cigarette`. It`s his recollections of his life from arriving in London as a hot-to-trot youth, and leaving for La Merica as an older and hipper youth. I haven't embarked upon this literary voyage yet, but did dip a little to get the feel of the thing, and was immediately transported back to a time when it was great to live in London, great to be a part of something truly momentous and history-making, great to be alive. How times have changed. Anyway, I will be blathering on about the book next time, when I'll have grokked the fullness of the tome, okay? Okay.
 More info on `Give the Anarchist a Cigarette`

I should ask right now, have you checked out `Pick up the `phone America`, Andy's first outing as aThe Lone Rider? No? Well, try Captain Trips on to get a copy. As the title implies, it's a bit on the American side, `cos he's lived and worked in LA for more years than I care to remember, and I like it a lot. Were I to be asked who it brought to mind, I'd have to say "The Tubes"-how bad can that be kiddies? I believe a member of the Bevis Frond camp will be on bass, I think it shoulda bin me, but whatcha gonna do? (Oops-too much Soprano-watching I think)

Nik Turner is putting together a version of Hawkestra for the evening, once again, more about all this next time. Russell Hunter hasn't actually told anyone to fuck off, in fact, he's been unusually enthusiastic about an evening's fun, so I'm cautiously optimistic that he may bash some synthetic animal skins with the modern equivalent of long bones, in a rhythmic fashion. Or at least in a fashion that Fairies and their pals will be able to groove on, fingers crossed.

Sandy is in Norway, who knows what he'll do? In fact, if he drifts past any of you Norwegians on an ice-flow with a fishing-pole in his hand let him know that his 4-string expertise would be mucho appreciato, would you? Thanx.

Man are doing this night too, but last I heard they were holding out to do two hours or nothing, a bit over-generous methinks, as it's only a five-hour gig. Once again, we'll see.

Hi Deke-Hiya Ace!

Another reason for The Past to have arrived in so rude a fashion was a visit to Art-O-Matic in Great Sutton street, E. London, to see an exhibition, no, celebration of the wonderful Barney Bubbles the man, and his early underground-era brain candy, it was great, and I recommend that if you are into that stuff, Hawkwind, Chillie Willie, not to mention Barney`s own recording career etc....then scoot along, it's a fine endeavour. Nice one Mike and Rebecca.

So, back to The Rogues' Gallery, which as of this moment, is to be called `The Long Riders Log`, and it's first reprobate up on the scaffold, one Martin `Mad Dog` Stone.

A couple of your queries answered. I wrote `I wish I was a girl` on a Danelectro bass-guitar, which I bought for £ 7: 50 from a South London pawn shop, and so the riff came first.

I am playing a Peavey Predator axe in the main, but sometimes I may drag a Gibson or Telecaster into the fray, it's all Peavey really tho`. I am enjoying a Line Six Pod for my amp-sound, and speaking of which, any of you people out there in Cyberland wanna buy the Marshall Silver Jubilee amp I used for `Kill `em and eat `em` album and tour? I really don't need to have the amp and cab taking up space any more,


Okay gang, I guess I may have spouted off a bit here, it's all off the top of my head, and I never edit, but before I go, a tip of the proverbial here to the lady who takes care of this site for me, my Web-Mistress of Pain, Fee Mercury Moon, (real name withheld to protect the dangerously innocent, or innocently dangerous, dunno which).

She originally got in touch with me, with a bit of a telling-off, regarding the fact that had been taken up by someone totally unconnected with us lot, and that someone should grab, before it too went, so I did. Her job then was to design the site, and to all incense and porpoises update it for me as and when the talent-enhancers I use kicked me in that kinda direction, but she has done much more than that. Read on dear friends......

I get @`s from Fairyland complimenting me on the site, but it isn't of my doing-in fact, I'm the only drawback in the whole scenario! She trawls the net for stuff to add, all the graphics/designs/whatever are totally Fee-driven. She sends me stuff to read which I ignore, she threatens me, (offers bribes too, but that's another story, gentle reader) cajoles me, and just plain gives me gyp, and the results are as you see here. When I get onsite I am always amazed, `cos something new will have appeared. Just this week I sent her a `Lazza on Mount Olympus` biog that one of you guys sent me, to see if she could use it.

The poor girl had to point out that having sent it to me, she'd asked me ages ago what, if any of it, I would want her to use. I didn't know this, because I didn't pay attention, get the picture?

So thanx a bunch Fee, and a real big thank-you to all you wunderful people out there, who have given an old goblin so much encouragement in this endeavour to make up for lost time. NB. Must think about that thought, `Lost Time`.....

Adios Amigos, BE BIG!

Vlad The Inhaler August 2001.

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