Martin Stone

Welcome  to  the `The Long Riders Log` and it's first reprobate up on the scaffold ...

He is still playing, but has lived now for some years in Paris, where he has had, and is doing, various projects, such as `Almost Presley`, and `Totally Hank`, I think you can see what these outfits are about, just from the names.

He went to Atlanta a year or two ago, with his then partner-in-crime Laurence Barma, (a French cowgirl with tremendous oral power) as The Homewreckers, an album ensued, it was good, check it out.

Stoney is one of the world's leading book-detectives, antiquarian is his business, but hard-boiled detective fiction is his meat and drink, thankfully a disease with which he infected me, I am totally hooked. Yeah baby. The pic I've chosen of Mad Dog, was taken in my living-room a couple of months ago, when his wardrobe leaned more toward `Marseilles Coke-Pimp` than Rock God, but Stoney`s sartorial bent is, and always has been of tremendous interest to those lucky enough to hang out with him, good ol` Mad Dog.

Now that I have a studio at home, (sounds grand but don't be fooled kiddies) I am constantly badgering the rotter to do something with me, and I may be gaining on him. The last visit, he brought his lap-steel axe with him (`50`s Gibson) and left it here, so things may get cranked, or at least nudged, up a notch. Personally, I wanna hear lap-steel thru` a Wah Wah / Delay / whatever set-up, `cos I feel that Glen Campbell in Juicy Lucy-style stuff should be re-investigated, don't you?

I guess that'll do for Stoney, and I'll keep you all up to date if I manage to capture this elusive creature on chip, (the medium formerly known as tape) so there you are.

Please enjoy this pic; let's call it


'Depravity, Stone be thy name'

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